Introducing Moving Stickers, QR Codes, and More.

Lots of people use our app every day. We’re always trying to make it better and more fun for you. Here’s what’s new:

Moving Stickers: We’re adding stickers that can move!

QR Codes: Instead of typing phone numbers, just scan a code to add someone.

Dark Mode for Computers: Dark Mode was popular on phones, so now it’s coming to computer screens too.

Better Group Video Calls: Talking with friends is easier. You can focus on one friend by pressing and holding. And starting a video is just one click away.

Status for KaiOS Users: If you use Kai OS, you can now post update that disappear after a day.

Remember to update your WhatsApp to enjoy these features.
Talk to you soon!!! These Features are also included in GB WhatsApp APK .

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