Stay Connected: Unleash Your Empowered Messaging Potential

Conversations on WhatsApp GB often capture those intimate, in-person moments that are here one minute and gone the next, like footprints on a sandy beach. While our Disappearing Messages feature ensures that your chats don’t linger for too long, we also understand that there are special voice notes and bits of information you might want to hold onto, much like cherished post cards.

So, with great excitement, we introduce “Keep in Chat”! Think of it as your own personal memory box within WhatsApp, where you can safeguard particular messages close to your heart. And because we value the sender’s sentiments, if you’ve sent the message, you have a say in whether it remains or disappears..

Here’s the remarkable part: if someone chooses to keep your message, you’ll receive a notification. And if you believe a message shouldn’t be preserved, you have the final say. Once you decide a message isn’t meant to be permanent, it will vanish when its timer runs out. You’re in control of your own story!!

Curious about where your saved treasures go? They’ll be marked with a charming little bookmark icon and securely stored in your “Kept Messages” folder, organized by chat. It’s like curating a digital scrapbook of your most cherished moments.

We genuinely hope that this feature brings added comfort and flexibility to your messaging experience. Keep an eye out, as this feature will become available on devices worldwide in the coming weeks. Enjoy your chats and the memories they make.

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